Friday, October 8, 2010

Symbol Contrast

It was a steamed pathway
bathed in black suffocation and ambiguity
our subject knew somehow that it was the right way
but that didn't make the way clearer

beads of sweat charged like battering rams toward the abysmal ground
hot hands of gravity pulling them from the roots of his hair
making muted breaks in the obscured silence
but not altogether opening the way to conversation

yet he moved soooo cautiously!
what would charge his electric confidence?
it was clear in memory, but so far removed it had long since become obsolete
with so many rocks and hard places around, was it even that blasted steam that was suffocating him!?

like gigantic arrows his troubles pressed in on his mind
then he added the guilty thought that he was being selfish to the gauntlet
the lack of sound got so bad it was cacophonous, ahhhh a schizophrenic screaming build up

slamming his eyelids shut in anxious anticipation
the terrible unsound buzzing came to it's awful zenith 
the world shuddered in expectancy of the enormous unexplosion
his fiery lungs seemed to be punched inward toward lifelessness when

the room became a comfortable 68 degrees Fahrenheit 
and the floor lit up in a burst of cool flames!

his bloodshot eyes now open, the irises were like shocked expanded mouths
stark blue
beautiful grey flames
like smiling lovers 

his heart beat in unison with the wings of 1111 aquamarine moths 
gathering like a tribe to a cleansing ritual
circulating the stagnant air making it almost chilly enough for a jacket
she lit and vivified everything

and the sky grayed with the dawning of a glorious day
sunshine dust trickled softly down and swayed like curtains in a breeze
his grateful soul leaped from his encumbered vessel in ecstasy
and the flames heaved and swayed with him playfully

so, they were
and the seer-like radiance guided them fearlessly.
Later he found out how much the flames needed him too
and they never saw themselves as beautiful as they made each other

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